Odd Flowers (Jessica Gring) is based in Seattle, WA, and specializes in custom arrangements big and small and handles accounts of all types! Weddings, corporate, styling, and events. The mission is to make flowers accessible to everyone, no matter the budget.  I'd love to discuss any project you have in mind!


The name Odd Flowers comes from the muddy & clumsy beginnings of growing flowers in the Skagit Valley.  Tired of seeing me poke through the compost, my favorite teachers & kindred spirits Dennis and Diane (of Jello Mold Farms) agreed to keep a bucket hidden in the back of the barn labeled "Odd Flowers"; ones with stems just too crooked or blooms slightly off.  From this bucket, I learned to cherish & mold even the strangest specimens; something that not only represents my personal style but also my philosophy that everybody deserves flowers.  The grace of one odd stem, or a handful of sweet peas all have their place in my heart. 

My love of flowers I owe to the women of my family, who have all kept beautiful gardens that inspired curiosity and interest at a very young age.  I studied ornamental horticulture, and have a deep respect for each step of the process from farm to vase.  

Whenever possible, I support local markets and work with domestic, responsibly grown product.     

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